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  • Mario Nawfal - CEO of Athena Group of Companies

    "Inside Insight has been absolutely quintessential in the success of our companies. They're our go to agency for anything related to online ads and cost effective lead generation."

  • Kyrill Krystallis - CEO of Inside Insight

    "We understand that ANY agency is only as big as the clients it services and therefore make it our utmost aim to make our clients our absolute priority" 

  • Keith Jenkins - CEO of Nationwide Real Estate Investment Club

    "We were pleasantly surprised with the results Inside Insight was able to get for us in terms of generating qualified Real Estate Investors interested in joining our Real Estate Investment Club."

Frequently Asked Questions:

You ask, we tell:

  • What does your agency's engagement look like?

    Excellent question; first & foremost, everything begins with our initial consultation call where effectively analyze your business and determine whether there's actual fields we can assist in. Once that's done we then send over a proposal within 48 hours of our initial consultation. If all checks out, and the prospect is satisfied with the pricing & proposal we then schedule a kick off call. We make sure to keep the client updated with weekly reporting calls through out the entire delivery process because we understand that both transparency and effective coordination are key in the angecy world.  

  • How do you generate leads?

    We generate leads through a wide variety of methods depending upon the client's industry & target market. Some of the ways we've generated leads for clients in the past included Linkedin outreaches, targeted inmails campaigns, custom audience Facebook ads, Reddit automated outreaches and others. We like to split test several methods at the start of an engagement and then capitalize on the method that worked best once enough data is present. 

  • What is your cost?

    Our costs generally vary from project to project, but we're able to maintain a evel of flexibility with our hybrid payment plans that are usually comprised of some retainer to cover running costs and a performance fee based on reaching a certain KPI. 

    (Key Performance Indicator).

  • Where are you guys/gals based?

    Since the initiation of the world's current crisis we've made it our absolute aim to distribute the team remotely. This resulted in our team being distributed evenly across the US, Europe, Russia and Australia making us the epitome of a global team)