How To Host Twitter Spaces - The Right Way...

published on 01 August 2022

So over the past year and a half, ever since the inception of Clubhouse, audio rooms have become a huge topic of discussion in the marketing world. 

They're easy to join. 

Easy to digest.

Easy to host, if you know what you're doing. 

And easy to participate in. 

For the audience, audio rooms like Twitter Spaces, are like podcasts - but the cool thing is you're able to participate in the so-called podcast in real-time. 

Nowadays there are audio rooms on just about everything. 

You've got audio rooms on politics. 

Audio rooms on cooking.

Audio rooms on business. 

Audio rooms on just about everything & anything. 

Clubhouse served as the inception of the audio-room trend. 

But after time, they died out. 

And in their place came a variety of other solutions on pre-existent social media platforms. 

Clubhouse Trend
Clubhouse Trend

Reddit released its Reddit Talks functionality. 

Twitter released its Twitter Spaces functionality. 

Facebook released their own. 

Spotify their own. 


In this article, we'll be focusing solely on Twitter Spaces. 

Primarily because Twitter has quite the audience to release Spaces for. 

"All social media platforms are nothing other than a collection of platforms catering to sub-set of sub-communities..."

Kyrill Krystallis

The Ultimate Twitter Space Hosting Guide...

Make sure Twitter actually has the audience you're after; if it doesn't - choose another social media platform. 

What I mean by the above is, to make sure that Twitter has the people you want in your Twitter Space. 

An example of this would be the following. 

Say you want to host a Twitter Space for Digital Nomads. 

Would it be wiser to host this on Twitter with a space filled with DN influencers or would it be wiser to host it on Reddit Talks under the subreddit of r/digitalnomads. 

Example of DN Community on Reddit
Example of DN Community on Reddit

You'd have to test both. 

But applying this thinking is critical when deciding whether Twitter Spaces is the right platform for your audio room. 

Start hunting for the right influencers...

Once you've identified Twitter as the right platform for your audio rooms you then need to start outreaching to the right influencers in hopes of getting them into the space. 

The reason behind this is because of how Space's discoverability works...

Example of the Space discoverability bar.
Example of the Space discoverability bar.

Whenever a profile joins your Space as a speaker, their following can then see the Space in their Spaces tab. 

This means that you're able to "hijack" their following and bring them as listeners into your Twitter Space. 

When searching for influencers, you'll wanna make sure that their Tweet engagement rate is strong, otherwise, you'll just end up bringing in "influencers" with bot followings that won't JOIN your space. 


Now, you're also probably thinking how am I supposed to onboard influencers onto a Twitter Space? 

And let me tell you, the hardest one is the first one. 

Meaning that if you onboard JUST ONE influencer, the rest will follow because of something called Social Proof & FOMO. 

If the influencers/thought leaders see that a single big profile is joining, they'll judge the space in relation to that profile. 

Agendas increase audience retention...

Once you have your influencers in place, and your "set-reminder" numbers are starting to grow, start preparing an actual agenda for the Twitter Space. 

Your attendee count will look something like this through-out the space...
Your attendee count will look something like this through-out the space...

One of the biggest mistakes I am personally seeing with most Twitter Spaces today is that people are trying to wing it. 

This can work. 

But in most cases it doesn't. 

You need to treat the Twitter Space as if it's a SHOW. 

The audience needs to look forward to a certain structure. 

If the audience joins, and then realizes that the content is sub-par with no structure whatsoever they will simply LEAVE. 

Example of the infamous Leave button.
Example of the infamous Leave button.

Meaning that your audience retention rate will suffer heavily and all the work you did in terms of bringing an audience in will be FOR NOTHING. 

An agenda, on the flipside, will add structure to your Twitter Space. 

You'll never run out of things to say. 

You won't be running the Space on fillers. (uh & ums) 

You'll have a bunch of interesting topics you can pick from.

The audience will see that this is actually the real deal and not a bunch of people trying to wing it. 

Pre-create viral loops. 

If your pre-invited influencers/thought-leaders are adequately pre-vetted & your agenda can retain the audience, then the Space should in practice grow on its own over a certain period of time. 

The audience rate can be further increased by pre-creating viral loops that you'll be annoucing through-out the time of the Twitter Space. 

An example of one is the following: 

Telling everyone to create a Tweet with the link of the space, adding a hashtag for the space, and tagging 4-5 of their friends in it to stand the chance of winning a $100 giveaway. 

This giveaway will ensure the following: 

Your Twitter Space will appear in the home feeds of other people. 

Your hashtag might start trending within a certain geolocation if enough people use it. 

Example of the Twitter Trending Hashtag section
Example of the Twitter Trending Hashtag section

You'll benefit from an increased audience retention because will stay in the till the end to find out if they won the giveaway. 

Pre-creating these viral loops is absolutely key because you'll be able to engineer the outcome of the giveaway better. 

Results after running Twitter Spaces for 7 weeks...

I've been co-hosting the Crypto Roundtable alongside Mario Nawfal for the past 7 weeks right now. 

When I started my account was literally at 100 followers. 

@mrkrystallis Twitter Account
@mrkrystallis Twitter Account

7 weeks later my account is at 9.3K followers and my engagement has been off the roof. 

Yours Truly <3

Kyrill Krystallis

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