How to use Reddit as a marketing tool...

published on 08 July 2021

Kyrill Krystallis on the topic of Reddit Marketing in 2021 and beyond... 

Reddit Marketing done correctly...
Reddit Marketing done correctly...

What's up guys, (and gals)  

Kyrill Krystallis here of Inside Insight, a growth hacking agency, and of the Growth Hacking Bootcamp. 

In this quick breakdown, I want to go over the top methods that I've personally used to market on Reddit time & time again. 

As of July 2021 your options when it comes to Reddit Marketing are the following: 

  1. Reddit Automated Direct Messages
  2. Reddit Ads
  3. Semi Organic Reddit Marketing
  4. EXTRA: Building a subreddit
  5. EXTRA: Building a long term account 

Reddit users are absolutely ruthless meaning that you better do it right otherwise you might end up burning your brand. 

                                                   🛑 QUICK DISCLAIMER 🛑

So let's kick it off... 

Reddit automated DMs: 

Tools like Howitzer allow you to not only scrape subreddits but also auto-dm all the scraped users with a certain promotional message.

An example of this includes the following: say you want to drive traffic to a health & wellness community you're building on Facebook.  

You'd scrape subreddits like r/workout or r/health and collect all the users that have engaged in the sub within say the past 60 days. 

Prepare a well-copywritten template that you'd like to send out and voila. 

You're now "auto-dming" up to 400 users per day with a single account. 

Should you want to scale this, you'd simply get more accounts onto Howitzer. 

Let's crunch some numbers super quick too. 

400 x 30 means that you're dming approx. 12,000 people per month. 

A conversion rate of 5% for a "value-first approach" offering direct access to a Facebook community means that your group would be growing by approx. 600 targeted users monthly. 

This can be further upscaled and downscaled accordingly. 

Reddit Ads: 

If you're looking for a more "user-policy friendly" & ultra-scalable approach, then there's no other method other than Reddit ads.

Now remember the disclaimer; Redditors absolutely hate ads and will actually take the time to roast ads in the comments section. 

Examples of advertisers actually locking the comments section to avoid this can be found below: 

Locked comments section 🤔
Locked comments section 🤔

However, over the years I have seen several products & services perform quite well. 

Gaming ads perform very well on Reddit as do several productivity SaaS apps. 

Reddit's ruthless audience does serve as a bit of a double-edged sword too. 

They might tear apart ads but this also means that the platform maintains a relatively low CPM as opposed to other platforms. * 

Semi Organic Reddit Marketing: 

This strategy consists of the following steps: 

  • Research a subreddit
  • Prepare content that seems organic to the subreddit with a CTA (Call to action)
  • Post the content
  • Purchase upvotes for the content from providers like

What this should do get your content ranking as #1 on a certain subreddit for a pretty decent amount of time. 

The fake upvotes are meant to give the content the necessary push to start getting enough traffic onto it. 

If they like it, it'll go even higher. 

If they don't, you'll have to repeat steps until the mix is perfect. 

Building a subreddit: 

Another long-term approach, as opposed to the other short-term strategies, is actually building out your own subreddit. 

Creating your own subreddit will not only serve as a Reddit native community but will also serve as your own distribution channel for any other future Reddit marketing you're bound to do. 

Now, if you read the strategies mentioned above, you'll quickly realize that you're able to use them to build a subreddit as opposed to driving traffic away from Reddit. 

This should essentially prove easier as a call to action of "join our subreddit" is a lot more frictionless as opposed to ["click here to" be redirected off the site]

Important to note that building a subreddit will also require a community manager and daily content plan but should essentially position you for internal Reddit traffic as subreddits are searchable. 

Building an actual account: 

The reason why I've included this strategy is that most Reddit accounts are either passive recreational accounts or burner accounts that have been created for a dm run just to be suspended in a few days or weeks. 

Very few marketers grow accounts from a follower perspective. 

But it can be done! 

Followers of accounts see the account's posts within their home feReddit 

My Empty Reddit Home feed
My Empty Reddit Home feed

Meaning that if 3k people follow a certain account then 3k should essentially see the account's "non-sub" posts within their actual feed. 

One of the best examples of growing an account in the business & marketing sphere that I've personally seen is that of u/younglingfeynamm


His main offer is that of academic business research articles which can be found on his blog of and one of his strong marketing channels is that of Reddit. 

As far as I saw, he markets primarily through a fully organic approach and can be found minimally repurposing every study he creates to 5-6 relevant subreddits. 

This grows his Reddit account and drives traffic back to his blog. 

Conclusively speaking...

Reddit definitely is a channel worth when marketing your products and services. 

Kyrill Krystallis

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