Pinterest Ads Results & Costs - 6 Day "Microtest" in 2021...

published on 22 June 2021

Introduction to my Pinterest Ads Micro-Test:

What is up guys, 

So in this quick post I just want to run you over the costs & results associated with running Pinterest ads for the 6th day in a row. 

For those unaware, my name is Kyrill Krystallis, I run Inside Insight and am mostly  known for the Youtube content we post on all topics related to growth hacking & marketing, AND I am always on the look-out for unsaturated marketing channels other than our usual Facebook & Google PPC mix. 

As such, I've recently decided to give Pinterest a shot. 

Quick demographical breakdown on Pinterest: 

  • 71% of Pinterest users are females. 
  • 35% of Pinterest users are 35-49 years old. 
  • 34% of Pinterest users are 18-29 years old. 
  • 16% of Pinterest users are male. 
  • 70% of Pinterest users have a college degree. 
  • 50%+ Pinners live outside the US.
  • 34% of Users aged 18-29 in the US uses Pinterest.
  • 42% of U.S. women adults use Pinterest.
  • 80% of US mothers who use the internet use Pinterest.


Now, back to the nitty-gritty... 

As of mid 2021, my core focus still revolves/revolved around B2B (Business to business marketing) meaning that I had limited products & landing pages to test for B2C e-commerce based ads...

Meaning that in order to test Pinterest, I had to create one...

(The above is based on the pre-assumption that business to consumer ads would perform best when paired with Pinterest's demographic)

Pinterest Ad Landing Page & Creatives: 

So after much contemplation, I had decided to build & test a Shopify store selling a recipe ebook containing 49 in-depth summer recipes. 

The full Shopify landing page can be found here. 👈

(If the store is still active...) 

I followed standard dropshipping etiquette and made sure to include everything in a Debutify wrapped theme, with reviews, sticky checkout buttons, etc. 

All in all, when compared to other Shopify stores, I must say the store looked well built. 

As per the ads, I decided to test the following creatives based on the assumption that Pinterest users like graphics that capture the eye. 

Ad 1 👈

Ad 2 👈

Pinterest Ad Targeting:

As per targeting, I targeted users based on search intent & interest. 

As per search intent, I placed ads on keywords related to Recipes & Summer Recipes and as per interest, I targeted people with an interest in Food & Drinks. 

4 days later, my results are as follows...


Pinterest Ad Result Summary:

0 Sales

5.7K impressions 


Average CPM of 6 Euros

Average CTR of 1%

46 Pin Clicks (People clicking on the ad and going on the pin)

23 Outbound Clicks (People clicking on the ad, going on the pin, and then to the landing page) 

Additional info: 

Total Budget for this test is/was 85 euro

Ad testing budget was 5 euro daily 

Sale Price of ebook is/was $9.99

Conclusion of micro-testing Pinterest Ads:

This experiment is still "fresh", and I'll most likely be posting additional updates in a few days, but for the moment the Pinterest Ad System seems to be both affordable & decent in traffic quality despite the lack of sales. 

Expect more updates soon. 

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