How To Scrape TikTok Profiles For Emails...

published on 10 June 2021

Kyrill Krystallis on the topic of how to scrape TikTok Profiles for emails...


Tool Stack:


Super Email Validator:


So in this segment, we showcase how to use Scrapebox to scrape Google indexed TikTok profiles and their respective emails.

*Full video available below*

This scrape can be used for TikTok Influencer marketing outreaches, B2B outreaches, etc.

The process itself is fairly simple:

We use the following Google search query: ("" OR "" OR "" OR "" OR "") AND (NICHE)

The segment makes sure that Google only pulls TikTok profiles for the scrape, and not videos nor posts.

The ("" OR "" OR "" OR "" OR "") tells Google that we ONLY want profiles including one of the aforementioned emails within the bio itself.

The "AND (NICHE)" segment allows us to hone in on a certain niche as opposed to simply grabbing all profiles with emails.


Full video of me showcasing how to apply this scrape can be found here:


Hope you found this of value.

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