Scraping Podcasts & Emails (Libsyn, Google & Apple Podcasts) With Scrapebox 🤖

published on 10 June 2021

Kyrill Krystallis on the topic of how to scrape podcasts & their respective emails.

What is up Growth Hackers)

Kyrill Krystallis here with a 3-way massive podcast email scraping strategy.

And free leads... (as always)

(215 High-Quality Business Podcasts & Their Emails)

Essentially, through the use of Scrapebox we're able to scrape Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts & Lybsin sub-domains based on the categorical keywords we're after.

Once we have the urls, we're then able to run Scrapebox's email grabber directly on the results for a scraped email yield.

I even went as far as setting up my own custom data grabber to be able to pull B2B emails directly from the Libsyn sub-domains.

As mentioned within the video, there are 3 applications to this scrape:

-Outreaching for podcast appearances.

-Influencer Outreach/Closing Partnership-Affiliate Deals (For Ecomm)

-Outreaching to sell solutions to podcast hosts.

All applications would naturally include a cold email based approach.

Best way to automate that would be through the use of either Lemlist or Gmass (Gmass for bulk sending all at once & Lemlist for a more drip fed based approach)

I'd strongly recommend that for both approaches, you use a question-based copy approach, hence, and initial template along the lines of:

"Hey is the right email to contact (Podcast Name) on?"

If yes, proceed with your second template, hence, the pitch.

If no, discard.

Regardless, you can find our free lead package here: (All emails are directly scraped from Libsyn hosted podcasts)


Hope you found this of value.

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Kyrill Krystallis

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