Hustler's University's (HU's) Marketing Strategy.

published on 07 August 2022
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For those unaware, Andrew Tate's Hustler's University has been blowing up over the past few months. 

The course is priced at $49 per month and houses approximately 127,000 students. 

Meaning that the course itself, without calculating the recurring revenue, has a netted a minimum of $6.2 million. 

And again, that's discounting recurring revenue - as the course is based of a recurring monthly payment. 

Note that if only 35% renew monthly, Tate is still pulling in a minimum of:

44,450 x 49 = $2178050 per month. 

The question is, how are they doing it? 

It all seems to be part of his affiliate program...

I actually took the time to purchase access to the Hustler's University before writing this article. 

I wanted to get a good feel of what the course entails, and I also wanted to get first hand access to their affiliate program to find out EXACTLY how they're doing it. 

The Hustler's University Course: 

The course itself is run on Discord

I actually found this rather interesting, especially how they avoided major course tech providers like Thinkific or Teachable. 

Honestly never knew you could run a course on Discord itself. 

The subjects you are able to learn are given to you based of how you answer a questionnaire in relation to your time availability & net worth.

Once that's completed you gain access to modules that are "tailored" specifically to your needs. 

From there you find out that course delivery is actually delegated to so-called "Professors" who are responsible for each module. 

Meaning that Andrew, himself, doesn't actually teach the course but instead has other people on pay-roll to do so. 

The Hustler's University Growth Hack: 

The only ad platform that I could find running ads for HU was Google Ads. 

Ads Example
Ads Example

But nobody can actually tell if those ads were set-up by the affiliates themselves targeting the keywords of Hustler's University as an easy bite for affiliate commissions. 

In the aforementioned case they'd essentially be riding on the established brand awareness of the product itself. 

But the real growth hack lies in the content marketing strategy. 

As of August 2022, no-one can do more than 10 TikTok swipes without coming across a single Andrew Tate video. 

It's literally impossible. 

But this isn't Andrew Tate creating content himself, no.

It's his affiliates repurposing his existing content across TikTok, across Youtube Shorts, and Reels. 

I personally think this is absolutely genius. 

Short form content platforms are amongst THE ONLY platforms out there actually giving worthwile organic engagement. 

Long form is insanely more competitive right now as attention spans have proven to shrink year by year. 

Examples of these accounts include: 

Example of different Tate Accounts with different Affiliate Links
Example of different Tate Accounts with different Affiliate Links

What's interesting is how they're able to override TikTok's duplicate content countermeasures by adding minor changes to the videos themselves. 

Ranging from zoom in & zoom out effects.

Playing around with the colors of the video. 

Changing the fonts & structure of the subtitles. 

All to trick the TikTok algo into thinking this is unique content. 

Which all makes perfect sense. 

You can find examples of the same content being used over & over again below.

Notice the different effects, video structures, subtitle structures, etc.
Notice the different effects, video structures, subtitle structures, etc.

If this was Andrew Tate posting himself from a single account - each video would only get a minimum of 1000-2000 views allocated to it. 

But, by using affiliates to "multi-post" they're essentially getting (1000-2000 views) x 1000+-. 

All for free. 

This level of exposure would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per month for the same level of exposure. 

But instead they're getting it at a significantly discounted rate just by offering a 48% initial commission rate of the first month of all the sign ups you bring in. 

Someone pays $49.99 for their first month. 

You take $23.99

Tate takes $26 and all the other revenue generated from the recurring subscription. 

Accessing the Hustler's University Affiliate Program.

Gaining access to the Hustler's University Affiliate Program is straight forward. 

You need to be a member of the course.

Once that's done, you need to dm HU Account Manager on Discord with the words "!affiliate"

HU2 Account Manager Interface.
HU2 Account Manager Interface.

The bot will then get back to you with your relevant links & checkout.

You'll also be given a pre-built landing page that you can use to drive traffic to which I think is very convenient.

I couldn't, however, find a dedicated community for all affiliates which guides them over the content marketing strategy.

It's either not there or not publicly available but I am sure something like this exists considering the scale of operations.

Key Take Away:

Short form content plus affiliate programs can take your service/product a long way in a relatively cost effective manner.

More on this matter:

V3.0 of the Growth Hacking Bootcamp will cover TikTok Content Marketing in serious depth.

Therefore if you're looking to potentially replicate the Tate strategy, make sure to join us for more information.

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